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Monday Cup of Coffee

Monday Cup of Coffee Oct 23

In August, single-family housing starts rose from July. The streak of strong readings seen over the last three months may be at risk, however, as the effects of the hurricanes will be seen in coming months.  According to the Commerce Department, about 13% of home construction takes place in regions in Texas and Florida that were affected…

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Monday Cup of Coffee Oct 9

Do geopolitical events have an affect on your daily life?   Absolutely … Tensions with North Korea were the primary influence on mortgage rates over the past few weeks.  The reaction from investors to the increase in tensions with North Korea was to buy relatively safer assets such as U.S. mortgage-backed securities (MBS).  The added…

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Monday Cup of Coffee Oct 2

In August, the Consumer Confidence index continued to post gains, to the second highest reading since December 2000. This index does not reflect actual economic activity, just consumer outlook, and as we have pointed out in the past… consumer outlook is a strong predictor of our economy! “Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies…

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Monday Morning Coffee – September 25

The earnings component of the Employment report showed that the annual rate of wage growth in August held steady from July at historically low levels. Because this is another inflation indicator,  the tame inflation data continued the recent trend of steady or lower inflation readings, which has been good for mortgage rates. The primary source…

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Monday Morning Coffee – September 18

It appears from the Fed minutes released recently that there is a growing split between Fed officials about when inflation will begin to rise. A growing number of officials would like to move slowly to raise the federal funds rate any further. They argued that the Fed “could afford to be patient under current circumstances.”…

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Monday Morning Coffee – September 11

Labor turnover rates for June were little changed, however, job openings unexpectedly surged to 6.2 million, which was a record high.  A greater number of unfilled positions is viewed as a sign of strength for the labor market, so this data was good news for the economy.  Stronger economic activity raises expectations for future inflation, however,…

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