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“In a crowded and competitive real estate agent market,Steve Adams sets himself apart with integrity, professionalism and results. Steve represented me on the sale of my previous residence and the purchase of my current home. He was able to locate and negotiate attractive terms on the house my wife and I were dreaming of, notwithstanding the current state of the residential market. He then found a buyer for my previous residence three days after launching the listing and marketing campaign. We closed approximately six weeks later. I attribute the solid results to Steve’ counsel and expertise. My wife and I are extremely satisfied with Steve’s performance, and we would highly recommend him to anyone without reservation.”

"Steve was beyond helpful! I recently moved from California to Texas and decided to invest in a home. Not having family near me or close friends to help me through the process, I was fortunate to have Steve as a recommendation. Due to my position, I had a limited amount of time to view homes. Steve did what was more than accommodating for me and did not rush the process. Steve did everything from connecting me with a great lender to assisting with utility recommendations. He's honesty while viewing homes made the experience that more exciting. I really felt as though I had a best friend coming along and giving me honest feedback."

Jose Sanchez

Steve, It’s now a week after we closed on our home sale

We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for the totally professional sales efforts by you. From the early pre-listing analysis to the final signing of the closing documents you have made it happen. The sales brochure you prepared was wonderful. It attracted interest and imparted knowledge.

The marketing was superb. The Realtors Preview was totally positive and successful. We asked for and got a top price for the home and your efforts helped greatly.

We can eagerly and heartily recommend you to anyone who needs a Realtor.  Thanks again for your help.

Very Truly Yours, Denise & Ray Quigley

Steve Adams is SPOT on when it comes to working and negotiating a real estate deal! I am a very ‘hands-on’ person but with Steve I was rest assured he was on the case! His responsiveness was also very impressive. If I was up at 10pm at night and sent him a question or anything along those lines I generally had a response within minutes! That went a LONG way with me!

If we ever work another deal, Steve Adams, will be the first person I call!

Steve & Jenny Broussard

As we near the date for getting the keys to our new house I write to thank you for being so professional and helpful in leading us to the happy purchase. With many career related moves we have been through the house hunting process many times. You definitely rank among the best of realtors who guided us. You always listened, quickly sensed our preferences and only showed us houses with a potential fit. In our several visits to Austin for house hunting you ensured very productive time. We particularly appreciated your patience and comfortable working style. We never felt pressured but we always felt well informed and thankful for your consistent prompt follow-up on anything requiring clarification.

Thanks again for your guidance in making our search successful. We are looking forward to our new home in Austin.

Jim and Rita Williams

“I can’t recommend my realtor, Steve, enough. Not only did he assist me in selling a home in a “hard to sell” neighborhood (and quickly, I might add), but he assisted me in the purchase of a home that is just perfect for me. Steve is very professional yet very personable which made this tedious and sometimes stressful situation less so. He always remained calm which had a calming effect on me. A couple of things that I really appreciated about working with him were his responsiveness to my calls and patience with my questions. I hope I don’t go through this again for a very long time, but if I do, I will definitely call on Steve again.”
Mary Barclay

"Steve helped my family deal with an estate sale of my fathers home and we simply could not be happier with the job he did. He was extremely knowledgeable and relentless in marketing our property. He was extremely professional throughout the entire process and updated us each time a development took place. He offered us sound advice and counsel and we would highly, highly recommend him to anyone needing professional real estate assistance - whether it be as a Buyer or Seller. Great job from start to finish."


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Do You Have Mold In Your Home?

Do You Have Mold In Your Home? – Having mold in your home is one of the big fears that most homeowners have. Where does it come from? What kind of harm does it cause? What do you do? These are all common questions you might ask if you’re plagued with dreaded mold. Fortunately, there are signs to look for when it comes to mold and preventative measures to take.   What is Mold?   Mold can come in various colors such as black, white, orange, green, or purple, and can be found almost anywhere. Outdoors, it is not really a problem to your home, because it is critical to nature. However, indoors it can cause problems for your home. Mold is typically harmless in a small amounts, but can start to grow rapidly when it finds a damp spot in your home.   If mold is growing on a surface, its spores can be released into the air, where they can be easily inhaled. Depending on how susceptible you are to mold, these spores can greatly affect your health.   Who is at Risk?   When it comes to exposed mold, anyone can be at risk. If you have allergies or asthma, you’re more likely…

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Remember These Costs When Buying A Home

Remember These Costs When Buying A Home – Buying a home is an amazing milestone in your lifetime, but it comes at a cost and you always want to be prepared to handle those costs. Unfortunately, some costs are forgotten and then thrown at you throughout the process, which can be a daunting feeling.  Check out these five costs to keep in mind when you’re buying a home.   Home Inspection This is one cost that you might forget, but you definitely do not want to ignore. The home inspector will examine the house from top to bottom before you close on the property. If they uncover any problems, you can negotiate with the seller before finalizing your deal.   Homeowner’s Insurance Homeowner’s insurance is often overlooked, but extremely important to have in case of an emergency or accident.  Usually your insurance will cover a lot of the damage or theft to your home.   Closing Fees When you close on your new home, you are very excited. You’ve finally done it, you have purchased your first home! Now what? The closing fees will be anywhere from 2% to 5%, and cover things like loan origination fees, attorney fees, prepaid homeowners association fees and more.   Maintenance and…

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6 Tips For Settling Into Your New Home Before The Holidays

6 Tips For Settling Into Your New Home Before The Holidays – It is the most wonderful time of the year! There is no better time than the holiday season to start making new memories in your new home. There are a number of things you can do to help get you and your family get settled in your new space. Here are six tips for settling into your new home right before the holidays.   Participate in Local Celebrations Whether you are moving across the country or down the street, make sure you participate in local holiday celebrations. This will allow you to meet some new people in your area and get a good sense of the type of community around you.   Plan for Delays Make sure you plan for delays before, during and after the holidays. With an increased percent of travelers on the road, your belongings could be delayed. If you plan ahead and are prepared for any type of delay, settling into your home will not be difficult.   Focus You will want to focus on the most important tasks at hand. While diving into all of the fun DIY projects you’ve brainstormed sounds like a great idea,…

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Things To Do In Austin, Texas – December, 2015

  Things To Do In Austin, Texas – December, 2015 – There is something for everyone in Austin, Texas during the month of December. Here are 5 things to do in Austin, Texas this December.   1. Blue Genie Art Bazaar Date: Nov 27th-Dec 24th Location: Marchesa Hall & Theatre The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is a must of the season. Featuring local artists and unique gifts, peruse thousands of items for that perfect gift.   2. Austin Symphony presents, Handel’s Messiah Date: December 1st Location: Hyde Park Baptist Church Join the Austin Symphony on this special evening and sing along with Austin Chorus to celebrate the season and Handel’s classic Messiah.   3. Lights of Love 5k Date: December 4th Location: Start and finish at Mueller Lake Park This 5k race supports children of the Austin area Ronald McDonald House. Run the 5k along a pathway of twinkling lights and holiday cheer.   4. Gingerbread House Competition Date: December 2nd Location: The Pavilion at Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa It is the ultimate gingerbread competition in Austin, Texas. Submit your house before its too late! The top winner earns a $750 cash prize and a one-night stay at Omni Barton Creek and breakfast for two at…

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Tips To Insulating Your Home

Tips To Insulating Your Home – The warmer days will soon turn into bitter cold for the winter and staying warm will be at the top of your list of priorities. Taking the time now to make sure your home is insulated properly will not only keep you warmer this winter, but it could also help on cutting down the cost of your energy bill. Here are six tips to help you throughout the process of insulating your home.   Locate Problem Areas When the weather outside turns freezing cold, do you find certain areas in your home that are draftier than others? Whether it be a window or a door, finding the problem is important so you can move forward and think about the solutions you need.   Seal Windows and Doors With the use of weather stripping, you can stop the flow of air in the problem areas you have previously notified. This will also help to cut down on your energy bill because your heat will stay indoors, where you will want it.   Select Insulation There are a ton of different types of insulation, so you will want to select the best option for your home and different areas in your home.…

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5 Things Homeowners Waste Money On

5 Things Homeowners Waste Money On – As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities that fall on your plate, and many of those responsibilities can be expensive. The trick is figuring out what you should spend money on and what you need not waste money on. Here are five things homeowners waste money on, to help you keep your cash in your pocket.   Space-Fillers Whether you’re moving from an apartment or smaller home, you will be stuned by how much extra space you have. However, do not fall into the trap of purchasing a ton of little things to fill that space.   Don’t Dive In While it seems incredibly luxurious to have your own backyard pool, it is not always worth the cost of up-keep and maintenance.   Don’t Use a Backup Plan Some people will be prepared for every kind of emergency, but that is not necessary when it comes to a backup generator. While they cost lots of money and can help you prepare for the worst, they do not really provide a ton of value when you sell your home.   Window Insulation No one on their own willingly throws money out the window, but that will be what you will be doing if your…

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Tips For Hanging A Wall Gallery In Your Home

Tips For Hanging a Gallery Wall in Your Home – The days of just hanging only one photo in your home are gone, having a gallery wall is a trend that’s here to stay. No matter your style or preferences, there is a way for you to make this trend your own. Here are five tips for hanging a gallery wall in your home.   Map it Out Make a map of what you want your gallery wall to look like before you start nailing holes in the walls. Create and lay out your desired design on the ground, taking into account the spacing and design flow. This will allow you to make any changes before it becomes a permanent fixture.   Move Outward Pick a single piece you will likely already have it in mind – and put that at eye level, making it the main focal point of your gallery wall. After you have decided on a piece, work your way outward. Make sure to keep everything symmetrical, as you want to keep your main focal point in the middle and your don’t want to run out of space on either side.   Collect at the Same Time This step is not a necessity…

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Things To Do In Austin, Texas – November, 2015

  Things To Do In Austin, Texas – November, 2015 – There are many things to do in Austin, Texas during the month of November. From the Texas BBQ Festival to Christmas Parades there is something for everyone this month. Here are 5 things to do in Austin, Texas during the month of November.   1. Texas Monthly BBQ Festival Date: November 1, 2015 Location: City Terrace at the Long Center Five hours of the best in Texas BBQ… you decide who wins! Buy tickets today because this popular festival sells out fast.   2. Fun Fun Fun Fest Date: November 6-8, 2015 Location: Auditorium Shores Packed with music, comedy, performances, and food, explore one of the most progressive and engaging festivals in the country.   3. U.S. Vintage Racing Championship Date: November 7-8, 2015 Location: Circuit of the Americas Iconic racing machines, a state of the art track, and over 400 competitors combine for excitement and fun for all!   4. Chuy’s Christmas Parade Date: November 28, 2015 11am Location: Congress Ave This historic holiday parade has been in existence since 1989, featuring marching bands, balloons, floats, vintage autos, and more! All benefits go to Operation Blue Santa.   5. Blue Genie Art Bazaar Date: November 27 thru December…

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How To Relocate To A New Area Smoothly

How To Relocate To A New Area Smoothly – Moving to a new town or even across town can be exciting, it can also be very overwhelming. Figuring out where you want to live, near specific amenities such as good schools or great restaurants may be significant to the quality of your lifestyle and neighborhood. Here are a couple of tips and resources to help you locate to a new area smoothly.   Databases: An enormous amount of information can be found online these days. Do some sleuthing about your new potential neighborhoods via the following websites to get some useful dates such as crime rates, school rates, home prices, and even weather conditions. These websites can provide a helpful framework for demographics that will be helpful in choosing the right street, let alone the right neighborhood.   Ask for help: Finding a local real estate agent in the areas you are interested in will be invaluable to your research. Real estate agents will not only be able to give you some overarching data and statistics about the neighborhoods, but they will also provide deep-seeded local anecdotes and knowledge that will be useful. To find a local realtor in…

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5 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid

  5 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid – There are many mistakes and pitfalls that first time home buyers face.  Here are 5 first time home buyer mistakes to avoid.     1. Not getting professional help After prequalification for a mortgage, it becomes time to set out and find your perfect house.  You are probably wondering where to start?  You need professional help from a real estate agent.  Real estate agents have total access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and are a wealth of knowledge about the housing market and know everything about purchasing and selling a home.   In addition to enlisting a real estate agent, a you should seek out professionals when it comes to the mortgage and lenders especially when they are advising to you about one of the biggest purchases you can make.   2. Forgetting about the hidden costs Often first time home buyers forget about the extra costs when buying a home.  Things such as taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utilities, and closing costs can often be neglected.  Consider these costs and speak with a lender and/or realtor for more information and to make sure there are no forgotten costs.   3. Not researching the neighborhood When buying a home, it is important…

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