Monday Morning Coffee – Feb 4

It seems that the sub 4% mortgage rates are still available for home buyers… but that kind of rate does require a 15 year mortgage.

Not that anyone is complaining, as the 30 year rate is below 4.5% again.

The predictions of 6% rates in 2019 seem unlikely to unfold, though it is early in the year. The Fed’s plans included two rate hikes in 2019 and if that does not change it seems safe to assume that mortgage rates will not approach 6%.

Home buyers are making the most of these rates early in 2019!

And Here’s Your Monday Morning Coffee…

Who are your heroes? They are those who affect your life through courage, sacrifice and honor, and these are often apparent in every day activities. It may not be a war hero, or a professional athlete ot a world renowned surgeon. Your Hero may be someone you see every day.” ~ Anonymous

Bruno Serato moved from Italy to USA in 1980 as a poor immigrant who didn’t speak a word of English. He began his career working as a dishwasher.

Working hard, he dreamed of owning his own restaurant. He achieved his dream with hard work and dedication.

He now serves Italian food in his own restaurant called the White House in Anaheim. Though celebrities and politicians have eaten at his restaurant, his favorite customers are the ones that he feeds for free, the so-called “motel children” of Orange County. They are the children whose parents are too poor to afford them decent, regular meals.

The story began on April 18th, 2005. Bruno’s mother came to visit him from Italy. As part of her tour of California, they visited the Boys & Girls Club charity in Anaheim. There, they saw a little boy eating potato chips. The director told them that those chips were all he had for dinner – his family was too poor to afford him a full meal.

His mother then came up with the idea that started it all – to give the children who need it food from Bruno’s restaurant.

Bruno, inspired by her idea, then decided to start his own charity that offers free meals to children in need. He called it Caterina’s Club, after his mother.

Every night, the White House makes a meal of fresh pasta and sauce and sends it to the kids at the Boys & Girls Club in a van.

Bruno has given away hundreds of thousands of meals so far. Some nights his restaurant struggled, having more children to feed than paying customers.

But Bruno kept going and says he will never stop giving to the children, as it is his passion in life.

Though his day to day actions are self-sacrificing and honorable, he does not consider himself a hero in any way, but that is exactly what he is to so many.